The College has independent trust called ”JONAI SCIENCE SOCIETY” Society Registration Act XXI of 1860 to arrange for facilities and popularization of Science and Technology among the common peoples. Under this society in each science department has own study centre to promote and all round develop an excellencies of the departmental students.
The department of economics is organized an “ECO Club” to promote and develop an Excellencies of the departmental students along with environmental issues. 
College has teachers’ welfare society and has separate bank A/C where they deposited their monthly wise collected money. Society funding the college fee and others to the excellent and poor students.
Magazines are collections of articles and images about diverse topics of popular interest and current events. A college magazine is a vital source for expressing students’ ideas. It has a great educative value and encourages students to think and thought how to write and express their own ideas and good form and in different languages. So they develop their writing skills and talent. With this aim in view our college annually publish college magazine and quarterly wall magazine under nomenclature of “SciArt”. College has a selected editorial board which is actively involved in publishing the college magazine as well as departmental wall magazine..