Rules & Regulations




We belief that wearing of uniform is make unity, good culture and good practice of the students’. They must come with full uniform and laboratory equipment irrespective of caste, tribe and community during college hours. During college hours students must wear full uniform with college identity card. 




H.S 1st and 2nd year


Students who do not attend at least 80% of the classes held will not be allowed to appear in 1st year and 2nd year Final Examinations. 

TDC (Both Science and Arts’):

TDS in all semester: A student shall not be eligible to sit for their respective semester examination as a regular candidate if he/ she does not attend a minimum of 80% lectures delivered in each subject separately. Students who fails to attend their classes for a certain period at a stretch on genuine and acceptable grounds such as serious diseases or accidents and related treatment involving the students themselves and the members of the family, death of near and ones, academic/ sports/ cultural activities approved by the college, must apply to the Head of the Department concerned for consideration of leave of absence for the period / immediately after such absence. Applications must be supported with testimonials / documents whichever is necessary.




Punctuality and discipline is very important for student and college staff. It makes a grant success in their studies and duties. The college office will open positively by 8.15 am and close at 5.00 pm except any emergency. Any major class will start from 8.30 and normal class will start from 10.00 and end at 4.00pm for Arts students and 4.30pm for science students’.




The college authority will not encourage any private tuition. But if parents/ guardian who are desired of arranging for private tuition with the teachers of the college may apply to the principal and it will be treated as special class on remedial teaching.




After admission, each student will be given his/her Computerized Identity card. Students are required to carry the College Identity Card without fail as they are required to present this card for inspection at the time of entry to the college. No student will be allowed to enter the college premises without the college identity Card. They are further required to present their Identity Card as and when demanded by any college official. Heavy penalty will be charged for issuance of duplicate identity card. Students are therefore advised to ensure the safe-keeping of their Identity card.




Students of the Major Courses are issued two library cards and the General Courses are issued only one library cards for borrowing books for home use. College Identity Card is must for entering the library Reading Room. Renewal and Reservation facilities are available. Borrowers must return the books within fifteen days from the date of issue of the books. An overdue charge of two rupees per book per day will be levied. A borrower will be responsible for the loss or damage of any book borrowed from the College library.

General Rules


Punctuality and regularity of attendance will be strictly enforced at 80%attendance in each term of the academic year. Students who fail to maintain 80% attendance in each academic session/year will not be granted term & thereby lose a year. Attendance at all the examinations is compulsory.


 To evaluate progress, Unit Test and Main Test Examination of H.S Level and in TDC, Sessional Examination/Seminar/Group Discussion/Assignment will be conducted by the college. These periodic exercises prepare students better for H.S Final/University examination & furnish information which is relevant for the principal to allow the student to keep terms and to appear for the H.S Final (Council)/University Examination.


 To keep the terms at college, an intermediate/undergraduate must complete to the satisfaction of the Principal the course of study at the college prescribed for such terms for the class to which such ntermediate/undergraduate belongs.


 Students will not be granted terms nor allowed to attempt the Council/University Examinations unless their journals in all of the subjects, where practical’s are prescribed, certified by the departments concerned.


 Students involved in any act of indiscipline or misconduct will not be admitted to the college/ in the second year /next semester or the next academic year as the case may be.


 Students whose attendance is found to be unsatisfactory may not be admitted to this college/ not allowed to sit in Examinations.


 A student having passed his/her examination cannot claim automatic admission to the higher class, as a matter of right. His/her admission to the higher class will be subject to proper behavior and requisite attendance during the last academic year in College and further to the availability of seats in the higher class.