HOSTEL FACILITIES: The College has no permanent hostel. It has rented for Girls only with capacity of 60 students’. The boarders are provided with such facilities as and reading room, outdoor games, a television set, etc. Admission to hostels is strictly on merit basis. Reservations are as per Govt. rules. Forms for admission to hostels will be provided after admission. Forms, duly filled up, are to be submitted to the office after admission. Boarders are to maintain strict discipline as per hostel rules. Violation of rules will lead to punitive action, even to the extent of expulsion from the college.



COMPUTER CENTER: A modern computer Center is installing with 20 sets of computer. The Centre is providing various Diploma Courses and Certificate Courses.

Reading Room : Cum Reference Section: The library has a spacious Reading Room with a seating capacity for 50 users. Newspapers are displayed in the Reading Room .Books, Journals magazine ,periodical and reference books are issued for temporary use in the Reading Room

College Laboratory :The College has its own Science Laboratory. It is well equipped having sufficient numbers of equipments and apparatus with modern technology. College has already appointed laboratory Demonstrator and Laboratory Bearer  for smooth functioning of their practical works. In each department 60 numbers of students’ together can work practical in same time .


Students’ Union OfficeThe College Students’ Union known as “Jonai Science College Students’ Union” has its own permanent office building. Where it sits and holds regular meetings.


AuditoriumThe College Auditorium, with a sitting capacity for 400.Itis for holding various competitions during the annual College Week along other cultural programmers besides seminars and meetings.


CanteenThe College has temporary canteen within the campus for refreshment of students’ and teachers’. The canteen usually function from 10 a.m. to 5 .00 p.m.

Common Room: The College has Provided separate common rooms for teachers, and students-boys girls .


Parking Shed: College has a shed for parking the cars, bicycle and bike for the employees and students of the college.


Drinking Water Facility: Adequate pure drinking water is provide within the campus.

THE COLLEGE LIBRARY: The College Library has new RCC library building with computer facilities with total area of 900   sq.  ft . with a setting capacity of  about  50 readers. The college  Library  has a good collection o texts, reference and rare books with 13 journals , twelve magazine ,eight  news papers in both  English and Assamese. The library  remains open from10 a.m.to 4 p.m. On all working days.  The college assists the poor and needy students by  providing class books and reference  book on following condition


1. Students must have library card.

2. Books will issue on proper channel.

3. Students must take proper care of books and magazine used by them .

4. Students’ makes any loss of library books or damage be paid or refill.




                  Library Hour’s : 10.00.am-4.00.pm








                Library membership is given to only bonafide users of the college




               Students of the Major Courses are issued two library cards and the  General Courses are issued only one library cards   for entering the library  cards for borrowing books for home use. College identity Card is must for entering the library Reading Room. Renewal and  Reservation Facilities are available .Borrowers must return thee books within fifteen days  from the date of issue of the books. An overdue charge of two rupees per book per day will be levied. A borrower will be responsible for the loss or damage of any book borrowed from the College library.