Conduct & Discipline


Students are responsible to the Principal for their behavior, both in and outside the College. They are prohibited from visiting any other College without the written permission of the Principal of the college.


 Every student must always be decently and neatly dressed, befitting the academic environment.


 Smoking and Chewing of Tobacco, Gutka, Pan and other narcotics items are strictly prohibited in and around the College premises.


 Students must maintain strict silence in the classroom, Library, Reading Room, Laboratories and in the corridors where classrooms are located.


 Students must not loiter in the corridors when classes are going on. When they are free, they should go to the Reading Room, Library or the students’ common room.


 Students must not attend any class other than their own without prior permission of the professor concerned.


 No student shall start or join any outside organization without the written permission of the Principal.


 Students must take proper care of college properties  and help in keeping the premises neat and clean. Students must not write on the blackboard, nor disfigure walls, tables or benches. Any willful damage to the property of the college will be dealt with as a breach of discipline.


 No person shall be invited to address a college meeting or Society or to occupy the chair at the college debate, meetings or functions without the previous permission of the Principal.


 Students are not allowed to invite any outsider to the college or to the college canteen.


 No student should, without the permission of the Principal, write to the Press or communicate any information to it about matters relating to college administration.


 A student must not, directly or indirectly, do any act, which in the opinion of the Principal, is or may be detrimental to the working of the college or to the interest of the students or the maintenance of discipline.


 No student shall take private tuitions from any teacher of the College without the written permission of the Principal.


 Failure to observe any of the above rules will call for disciplinary action against the students’.


 If a student remains absent without leave for any length of time/continuously 15 days, his/her name is liable to be removed from the college rolls.