Estd- 2001

Dist- Dhemaji, Assam

Estd- 2001

The College expects every student to abide by the following Code of Conduct:-

 Ragging is banned in this institution. A student involving in any such act will be expelled from the college and in addition may undergo imprisonment and fine.

 Littering in the classrooms, corridors & the campus is prohibited.  Use the dustbins provided all around. Offenders will be penalized.

 Sitting on the vehicles in the college compound or on A-Road is strictly prohibited.

 Loitering or Crowding on A-Road is also prohibited. Students are required to remain in the college campus during their free hours.

 Mobile Phones and other electronic gadgets are not allowed in the college campus if carried by the students should be switched off while in classroom, library & corridors of the college. If these instructions are not followed, the instrument will be confiscated and the concerned student will also be levied fine/Expelled from the college.

Identity Card

 Students must have their identity Card duly filled in and signed. Students must wear their Identity Card when they are in the college premises.

 Transfer of I. D. Cards is a criminal offence. The student will be liable to expulsion from the college.

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